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ATMS Consulting, Credit Card Processing Service, Toledo, OH

Wireless Solutions

ATMS Consulting is the leader in wireless payment solutions for your business. Start swiping credit cards today at the lowest possible discount rate and start improving your bottom line. Our wireless solutions allow you to accept your customer's credit card wherever your business may take you!

Set up a wireless merchant account with ATMS Consulting and reap big benefits including:

  • The GPRS / CDMA wireless network - the most up-to-date, dependable network coverage in the nation
  • Acceptance of all major credit cards
  • Quick, reliable credit and debit card authorizations on the GPRS / CDMA wireless network
  • Swiped transactions, providing the lowest cost and safest transactions
  • Store and Forward capability allowing you to swipe transactions in areas with poor coverage and process later
  • Easy to use POS Software
  • Free POS Systems
  • Special features allow tips or tolls to be included in a transaction and transactions to be linked to a specific customer
  • Top-Rated Technical Support
  • Need a more mobile solution? Check out Phone Swipe, the leading mobile payments solution in the industry.

No Set-up Fees! No Cancellation  Fees!