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Are you the person asking...                                                                                    "Why is everyone talking about EMV?"

EMV, which stands for Euro MasterCard/Visa, is the protocol that mandates the next generation of credit card security for swiped transactions. Right now, the black, magnetic strip on the back of credit cards is what is used to transmit all relevant information in a face to face, retail transaction. EMV is predicated not on the magnetic strip, but on a small chip imbedded into the face of the credit card itself. All merchants in the United States are required by October, 2015, to utilize EMV ready credit card terminals. ATMS Consulting can help!

And then are you asking...What about NFC?

Near-Field Communication is a contactless way to accept payments from your customers. NFC enables the point to point communication between enabled devices, such as your tablet or smartphone, without ever coming into physical contact with each other. This communication is possible via micro antennas found in each device, which allow information to be relayed securely, while in close proximity. With the increasing popularity of Apple Pay®, Google Wallet® and other mobile payment applications, cardholders are able to securely access their stored credit or debit card information directly from their smartphone, practically making it unnecessary to carry their actual card. ATMS Consulting can help!

 Now Ask  ATMS Consulting..... So what are my options?

With all the changes happening in the payment industry, we know it can be a confusing experience. At ATMS Consulting, we take pride in making sure our merchants and their customers are educated and “ahead of the curve.” We offer some of the most technologically advanced processing solutions that are also designed for ease of use. Our products ensure your business is in compliance with the new industry mandates, which in turn, helps to protect your business from any unnecessary liability. Additionally, with our personalized customer service and support, you will experience one of the many reasons why we people love to use us!   

If you are looking for FREE equipment and the most up-to-date technology,
ATMS Consulting is the right fit for you. Our representatives are highly trained and will help you find the perfect solution for your unique business in addition to offering you unrivaled support and service. Give us a call today so we can help your business be ready for tomorrow!

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No Set-up Fees! No Cancellation  Fees!  

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